Eugene Neale | Director of Business IT en CX Engineering

Director of Business IT en CX Engineering at loveholidays

Eugene Neale is a highly motivated IT leader with over 20 years of experience in building and running IT Operations teams, leading several companies through rapid expansion and extensive M&A. He is a specialist in delivering smarter, cost-effective, secure and user-oriented business solutions that serve the needs of the remote-consumerised workforce.

During his career, Eugene has enjoyed successful stints in challenging leadership roles and has an outstanding track record in the industry working within fast-paced and innovative IT teams at the likes of Microsoft, uSwitch, Zoopla and, in his current post, loveholidays.

At loveholidays, a UK-based travel agent recognised as the fastest growing privately owned business in Britain prior to the pandemic, Eugene and his team have successfully integrated the contact centre with the digital experience, combining traditional channels with digital ones to provide effortless personalised customer experiences.


Eugene Neale, Director of Business IT and CX Engineering at loveholidays, shares his story of how the team at loveholidays built a chatbot (named Sandy) that changed their business in more ways than they could have imagined. By using existing data, ‘Sandy’ was able to help loveholidays’ contact centre with simple tasks, thus providing their agents with more time to help customers. The chatbot has since provided loveholidays with rich insights that have helped shape it into the business it is today – a rapidly growing disruptive force in the global travel agent industry.

The development of ‘Sandy’ has led to remarkable results. This is certainly a CX story that you can’t afford to miss.

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Eugene Neale